Underwater cutting torch

TYT-EEKT Underwater cutting torch is ergonomically manufactured by specially designed molds to prevent fatigue of industrial diver. Our torches are made of special materials to provide maximum resistance against impact and wear. Furthermore, many metal parts are bronze.

Maintenance and repair of TYT-EEKT torches are easy. 10 mm electrode holder ferrules are used.

Exothermic cutting electrodes

TYT-EKE exothermic cutting electrodes are designed to provide the maximum level for cutting speed, cutting power and performance. Tests show TYT-EKE underwater cutting electrodes has the longest possible combustion capacity. It can a cut a carbon steel of 100mm thickness easily. In addition, owing to the optimum metal alloy in its contents, TYT electrodes are smoother and evenly burned than other electrodes, thus delivering better performance and economy to the user. 

TYT-EEKE exothermic cutting electrodes are produced in lengths of 50cm with a diameter 10 mm. TYT electrodes are covered by copper to prevent corrosion and are insulated with a thin sleeve. Approximately 5500˚C of heat is generated on the electrode tip during combustion

Underwater welding stinger

TYT-KAIRA welding stingers are manufactured to hold the electrode at the most suitable angle to the part to be welded.

Owing to the compressible electrode holder, it is possible to use electrodes of different diameters.

Metal parts are manufactured from durable material and therefore it provides longer welding capability even under difficult conditions.

Underwater welding electrodes

TYT-KAIRA SKE 14 Welding electrodes ensure maximum welding quality. Our electrodes can be used in a wide range of applications for fusing steel under water.

It consists of soft metal with a diameter of 3,25 and 4,0 mm.

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