The Alpha 5 is a tough and reliable multi-function electric manipulator for harsh environments. With high accuracy joint positioning (0.1°) and a master/slave topside controller, the Alpha 5 is the most advanced manipulator for the portable ROV community. A must for operators in the new era of close inspection work and complex intervention.


The dual function grabber combines high strength linear and rotatory actuators. Internal feedback allows precise control of position, velocity and grip force. Lighter, smaller and more capable than
anything else in its class, RA-2130 extends the capability of small unmanned vehicles to manipulate and recover objects in cluttered and complex environments.

VideoRay Rotating Manipulator Arms

The VideoRay Rotating Manipulator Arm is one of the most useful tools in the VideoRay toolbox. VideoRay has a rotating manipulator for the Pro 4, MSS Pro 5, and MSS Defender vehicles. The Rotating Manipulator Arm can lift objects underwater too heavy for the ROV to lift under its own power by gripping them while the operator pulls the tether of the ROV to the surface. With simple maneuvering and hand control buttons, you can grab, scoop, cut, and retrieve submerged items, especially in confined or hazardous locations. The VideoRay ROV’s camera can be tilted down to focus in on the jaw to provide a close view of the operation. When not needed, the Rotating Manipulator Arm can be easily removed in seconds.

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