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BluePrint Oculus Sonar

The Oculus M series Multibeam Sonars are a new generation of imaging sonar, designed for use across a wide variety of underwater applications. Their small form factor, weighing less than 400g in water, and dual frequency capabilities make them ideally suited for deployment on micro-sized platforms, while their rugged construction also makes them an excellent choice for subsea infrastructure.

Oculus M370S
Oculus M750d
Oculus M1200d

BluePrint SeaTrac X010

The BluePrint SeaTrac X010 mini-transponder beacon and acoustic modem is built around a robust broadband spread spectrum signalling scheme and DSP engine capable of responding to position interrogations from X150 beacons, while simultaneously undertaking bi-directional data exchange with other SeaTrac modems.

Mission Specialist Defender Navigation Package

The Mission Specialist Navigation Package allows for a higher level of autonomous control. The package integrates a Doppler Velocity log (DVL) which locks onto and tracks the ROV’s position along the sea bottom. The DVL estimates distance traveled and calculates the current position with simple “dead reckoning” navigation. A GPS antennae is used to correct the vehicle’s position when it is on the surface. These sensors are seamlessly integrated on the Defender through Greensea’s Balefire software with station keeping, requisition, mission planning, dynamic positioning, and data string export features. A USBL system can added to the system and used on mission profiles where the sea bottom exceeds the operational range of the DVL.

StarFish Sidescan Sonar

The sidescan plotter window displays sonar data as a standard ‘waterfall’ image. The operator can control whether port, starboard, or both sonar channels are active and displaying data.

Side scan data can be magnified or stretched to change the aspect ratio of seafloor targets and help aid in their identification, and the orientation of data plotting on the display can be changed (from top-to-bottom, left-to-right, or vice-versa) to help users interpret real-time sonar data relative to the boat. 

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